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Google Home/Assistant asking you to log in through the Home App?

Last night started YAGT (yet another Google thing,) in which asking my Google Home / Google Assistant for anything involving a connected device earns me the response that I need to log in through the Google Home app, followed by it working.

“Start the vacuum” I get the request to log in through the Google Home app, followed by the vacuuming starting.

“Turn off the Vizio” the same.

In every test I’ve managed to do I’m told that I need to go to the Google Home app and log in, followed by it working. Checking my connected accounts there’s really nothing sticking out at me, which considering it’s throwing an error you would expect there to be something like a little star next to whatever account it’s having issues with.

While I’d generally assume an error message like this would be exclusive to whatever device you’re attempting to control at the moment, this is YATG. A vague error message and request that does nobody any good.

I’ve hit up the social media team, which means in a few hours I’ll get a request to take it to a private conversation followed by them asking me to use a different account, factory reset a speaker, any speaker, and me giving up on getting an answer because I’m not going to destroy my setup for YAGT that will pass in two to three days.

I’ve started going down my list and verifying every account connected is indeed connected, but a couple of these require me to be at home to verify.

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