Google is just screwing with me at this point

A couple of days back I, and multiple other people I found out from posting the article, had issues with Google Assistant asking us to log in via the Google Home app while simultaneously actually doing the command with no issues. Asking to turn on a light would return that we needed to log in via the Google Home app, then the light would turn on.

I reached out, was told it sounded like a Wi-Fi issue (it did not sound like a Wi-Fi issue at all.) And at that point I decided rather than letting my blood pressure boil as they continued to try and claim it was on my side I was just going to post it, walk away, and see how long it took before someone said “I’m having the exact same thing.”

That was 46 minutes for the first, a little over an hour for the second contact, and throughout the day I started seeing we were being mentioned on various social media sites in threads discussing to the same issue. So, whole lot of people all being told to jump through the “turn it off and back on again” hoops for Wi-Fi, speakers, change accounts, blah blah blah.

Of course it cleared up in a couple of days because this was Google’s fault once again, and was once again on Google’s side. Turning my Wi-Fi off and on again has no effect on their servers.

I really wish I knew how many hours of people’s time they wasted on this YAGT. Probably in the thousands of hours. Whatever.

I wrote back a day or so later that it was a known issue, many people were having it, and it had cleared up because they fixed it. They admitted they knew they fixed it and the problem was resolved, and asked me to reboot my router and home devices for two minutes to see if there were changes.

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So am I supposed to spend two minutes rebooting, or turn them off for two minutes and start them up again, what’s with this 120 second requirement?

Having worked in technical support this just makes me was to throw things. Really… it’s working… what changes am I supposed to find rebooting a functioning Wi-Fi router and two devices that are currently working because they fixed the problem which was not in my house?

The dog and pony show of technical support.

I am compiling every single Google support interaction I’ve had since 2011 and the results and whether it was my fault or Google’s and yeah…

On the fiber front, my “I’m going to get this taken care of for you start to finish” guy is MIA at this point and this will be second time my account gets cancelled because they list it as a cancelled appointment and close your account 30 days after a failed install. He ended up writing that he’s meeting with the repair and ops team 3x a week. Not that it’s getting fixed, or an ETA. Just that he’s meeting with them.

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