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How easy is it to play music on Google Assistant / Nest Hub Home devices in 2022?

Video above should show how easy it is to get it to play four songs. Video is 5 minutes long. While all songs did start, I did not play four songs. This should give you an idea about how frustrating it can be when your band, song, or album isn’t named “010010101” or “The Computers” or similar.

Now, before I did this video I had attempted to get all of these and failed again and again and again. On the same account I went and searched out each one of these so I could print out that YouTube Music had them, and that they were indeed spelled that way. YouTube managed to play at least something from each of them in this video. I highly suspect my limited success in the video is due to the AI seeing recently played.

This video is five minutes of your life you’ll never get back, so just trust me it’s frustrating enough that I wasted printer ink on it.

Hopefully Google will throw some dollars toward getting the AI to understand people who are really stuck in the 90’s like me.

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