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How to install and run an APK on Windows 11

We’ve got Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and have for some time, but we’ve got the Amazon Appstore that is integrated with the thing and, well, that just sort of sucks sometimes.

Here’s a quick and easy way once WSA is set up and running to install an APK (Android package,) and have it work.

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Step 1) Get WSA Pacman. Do not get WSA Pinky, Blinky, Inky, nor Clyde. You can find a download on github here.
Step 2) press start, type “Windows Subsystem for Android settings” – it’ll come up before you manage to type all of that. Click that.
Step 3) click developer

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Incredibly difficult to turn on developer mode involves a switch

Step 4) Turn on developer mode
Step 5) install WSA Pacman

Once installed it told me I needed to reboot. I didn’t. Download an APK from wherever fine Android APKs are distributed. APKMirror has many, and there are many other places.

Supposedly you can double click and have them install via WSA Pacman, but for me I kept getting odd error messages indicating access was denied. Right clicking, choosing open with WSA Pacman installed and now I have a couple of non-Amazon Appstore Android apps I actually use. Maybe on reboot we’re good on the double click.

Pacman here appears to be short for Package Manager, but yeah, now I’m reminded I need to invest some time teaching my little ones some old school.

All of the above requires that you have Windows Subsystem for Android installed and working. If it’s not, well, get on it. This isn’t a post on how to do that.

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