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I got stuck on three really problematic reviews

Due to guests being in town and three extremely problematic reviews, there hasn’t been a lot of content here these past two weeks. That and working very much on my “how to clean your android’s butt” article has been pretty time consuming.

What’s been really time consuming on the problematic reviews are when I am about to tear something apart I generally give the PR firms time to answer my questions, concerns, etc. It’s absurdly bad form to just tear into something and be wrong. I leave that to the other Android review sites.

So for the past month I’ve been working on a smart lock, Bluetooth device, and something I’ve got a request to honor an embargo on. Fun times.

Anyway, just letting you know site’s slow… there’s not a lot of news. I supposedly get a Pixel 7 Pro today but with guests in town I doubt I’m going to do much more than unbox the thing and maybe get it started recovering the account. Fascinating I know…

Pocketables is small enough that once I post a real review, which let me tell you a couple are on deck, that will be the last I see of these companies. The PR world gets smaller and smaller as small sites post real reviews, which is why everything seems to be 5 stars and posting a 3-star average review is seen as a slap in the face.

I’m not begging for money here, just telling you that sites that actually lay hands on product given by PR and attempt to provide value to the consumer become pariahs in PR circles, lepers. We’re about to drop body parts.

Anyway, if you’ve got any interesting Android or general tech news tips, send ’em in. Next few days I’m playing tour guide to a whole lotta people and will probably be a reblogger during this time.

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