I went ahead and bought a Pixel 7 Pro

I stood on the fence quite a bit longer than I expected to on this, but finally decided to try the Google Pixel 7 Pro waters as I’m having continuing issues with my Samsung S21 Ultra that I honestly believe will never be resolved by Samsung. Notification delays are the primary killing point, having texts notify me minutes later has caused very hard to quantify, but noticeable losses and angst in my life.

Update – oh hey, guys, check back after October 28th and I’ll have impressions on it. I did not mean to create a traffic draw for people thinking I had it in hand yet. I will, just it shows Friday the 27th probably. I mean, I love traffic and all, but if you’re looking for impressions and performance review this is not it.

Enough losses that I’m willing to finish my immersion into what I start to consider the worst choice.

Should be here in a day or two. I could have gotten the 128gig option locally, but opted for the 256gig version because with how much recording I do I actually do go right up on filling my 128 gig Samsung S21 Ultra on a regular basis. I could probably fill a 512gig version, but at least at the moment I don’t have a scenario that works for.

I look forward to my next Google support interaction where I will be using their phone, their software, their Wi-Fi, their DNS servers, and somehow it will still involve them claiming it’s my Wi-Fi, my configuration, my hardware, etc. before someone finally says give it a couple of days and their AI gets back on track.

This will be my third daily driver brand of internet phone. I’ve been HTC, Samsung, and will be going over to Google unless it’s a hot piece of garbage, in which case it’ll be going back. I really did enjoy the Nexus 9 tablet… it’s still in operation as an e-book reader. They did that right.

Anyway, get your “I told you so” and pointing and laughing gifs ready as I start boldly embark on a new era of complaining about a product I purchased.

I’m expecting better camera software, about the same camera hardware, slightly better but unnoticeable antenna, and I hope that the Tensor 2 chip will make voice recognition slightly better because it’s just not good on my S21. I mean it’s next to unusable for me with me saying things like “driving mode” and getting “drinking bud lite” and simple words like “skip” and waiting for two minutes for it to figure out what I said.

Hoping the Pixel 7 Pro is going to handle this bad voice to text I've got
Thanks Google, I really needed to know this in the car.

I seriously thought we were going to have voice models on the phone at this point in history that would recognize and then connect on the internet if there were issues. Pretty sure the Google Blog had a long bit about that back in the day.

Here’s a link to all the things Pixel 7 Pro we’ve tagged… just more thoughts, findings, etc as the days go on.

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