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It’s been an interesting day #CaughtOnNest

It started at 2:10am with multiple gunshots. Here’s the video my Nest Cam IQ recorded, which has nothing but audio of 4 or so gunshots, screaming, cars revving, and police and ambulances showing up a couple of minutes later. Really nothing to see on the video because I don’t currently watch the main roads.

Oh yeah, employees of a local business decided to stop a property crime and over 20 rounds were shot 500 feet from me and 20+ other houses in a residential neighborhood… so they could stop a property theft.

TL;DR – bloggity about why there’s nothing on Pocketables today. Really nothing interesting, I swear… only read on if you’re bored and thinking “I wonder why there’s nothing on Pocketables today”

And here’s a local news article about it. TL;DR car thieves evidently caused a crash employees of car business at 2am rammed a car, subsequent shootout, and my house managed to be a few hundred feet away.

I ended up talking to a reporter on the phone and was asked if this sort of thing happened a lot… which it doesn’t. Asked if I thought the area it happened was sketchy. Nope. Asked how I felt about this and I said that this was South Nashville, you hear idiots shooting each other occasionally and play “gunshots or muffler.” but that I was not the concerned freaked out citizen they were looking to interview. At this time I had no clue this was direct line of sight into my 9yo’s bedroom as the car lot employees were playing “let’s empty two guns at them

I had an online interview I needed to finish (long story involving gadget contacts,) and the reporter really wanted to craft a story of a community in fear, or the dealership being sketchy, which wasn’t on my agenda for the morning. Not in fear, don’t particularly like the dealership but nothing strange ever happened there. Neighbors had given her my number.

Video was handed over to the cops, media, etc.

Reporter asked if I could come home and be on camera and I was like nope… I’m not your guy… I have literally no time today, slept through the entire thing, didn’t know it was there until 11 minutes ago, I’d be standing on camera saying “nope, that was an aberration,” … lerd…

Reporter asked if I was glad that I had the Nest cameras and I asked why… she said so that I had this footage and I told her I didn’t have these because I was scared I had them because I’m a product reviewer. Look up there’s a Foscam (no audio,) look to the right there’s an Amcrest (which flooded and is dead, they’re not water resistant.) look around to the side and it looks like I am a meth house with how many cameras are around.

Made me realize I need to remove three cameras from the mix… but whatever.

I got done with that and finished writing a writing sample. I’m applying at another blog because Pocketables has reached the point I can not get access to higher end equipment just due to size of Pocketables and that’s about that. If I end up at CES this year things will be different, but past 3ish years have been no contacts with larger companies and yeah, we’re just reaching the point that MFGs are a bit worried about us as a risky site… risky in that I don’t blow smoke up brand behinds, and also that a 4000 word review might not sell a single product.

Eh, probably nothing will come of it… I write like this and I lose my own audience, who’s going to pay for that?

More happened on the Google Fiber side – they forgot me…I’m just not in the system any more…nobody put me back in, they have no idea where the account repair status is… it’s assumed things are working but who knows.

And now I have to go pick up a little one and get her to dance class…. fun day.


So it turns out the shooters were employees of the place, it was your average 2am wait around to shoot someone situation it appears. Really no clue what’s up with that. I got interviewed and told the reporter I was not interested in being interviewed, evidently I was the only voice used. Lesson learned, never talk to a either the NBC or FOX affiliates here without a recorder going.

At least the NBC affiliate here didn’t creatively edit me to say something that I didn’t say (which happened with FOX and a product I was asked to talk about.) Feh…

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