Looks like Google Nest is down (and up again)

While I hesitate to scream from the rafters that Nest is down, I was unable to access my cameras, doorbell cam, historical footage, and downdetector tends to indicate that I’m not the only one.

image 32 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

This of course happens right as I’m needing to pull footage to submit a video about a door to door salesguy violating do not knock laws, but yeah, whatever…

My login is now extremely slow on T-Mobile and AT&T Fiber, neither show any events on my cameras, cameras are occasionally saying they’re offline.

I’d suggest we do the sensible thing and panic.

Now, it could just be my geographic region down, could just be some of the services I’m attempting to access (camera,) not entirely sure as the one I need (camera footage,) is just completely inaccessible. It appears I can control my thermostat… and other Google services do not appear impacted that I’m seeing… but I still would suggest panic.

Appears as of 4ish CST it’s both up, and Downdetector is not showing much in the way of reporting. I noticed that it still does not detect where I’m at Away/Home but I am able to access cameras and logins again.

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