My Google Messages sporadically stops receiving texts

I don’t have a fix other than to reboot. This is mostly me venting. Every couple of days at this point my Google Messages just stops getting texts. I can go into it, I can send texts fine it appears, but neither MMS nor standard text come in.

This happened during the same timeframe that all the T-Mobile app update issues happened and Visual Voicemail & Scam Shield stopped functioning and carrier stuff was foisted on me as part of the latest Sprint -> T-Mobile error prone switch. Lordy, I need to go spend a couple of hours in a T-Mobile store and get this Sprint conversion stuff off.

Anyway, the current issue is every couple of days I notice there are no new messages, which is odd because I get texts pretty constantly for work. I pop open Google Voice and text myself and no message arrives in my Google Messages.

Reboot the phone, bam, 15 messages come flowing in…

Having no log of what’s happening, which is par for the course on Android these days, I don’t have any clue whether the app has crashed, the carrier is reporting no messages, or what. Just a series of vague Google tech support documents that maybe I should try this that or the other. And the problem here is you try a fix and it’s going to work for a couple of days before failing so anything I do is going to be speculative for weeks.

I’ve cleared Carrier Hub’s info, and uninstalled and reinstalled Google’s Messages… so far no dice… Messages isn’t an option in Samsung’s battery manager (and I’ve now turned off putting any apps to sleep)… *sigh* sure would be nice to have a path to fix this rather than the poke-it-with-a-stick approach that we’ve got.

Is it Google, is it T-Mobile, is it the operating system, is it a connectivity issue… How hard is it for developers to put in a log?

I assume the issue is Google Messages as I have connectivity and rebooting fixes it every time. But that’s just assuming. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, joined the beta, and in two or three days I might know if anything I’ve done has fixed this.

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