Nest Hub Max sounding like Max Headroom today?

After spending about two days being told to log in through the Google Home App, that problem appears to have resolved on Google’s side. I started a support request and abandoned it because they didn’t know what was up and by the point they responded I saw that I was not the only one and they were already starting to point fingers at my Wi-Fi connection (which is perfect,) and had no idea that it was a trending issue.

Today I walked in and asked my Nest Hub Max what the weather was and was greeted by Yet Another Google Thing. This time a stuttering AI. Max Headroom or Conky 5000 responded in extremely broken and halting English to the point where I thought I was about to witness yet another Fuchsia crash.

Fuchsia has not been kind to my Nest Hub Max. Great piece of hardware, but this upgrade has seen at least seven reboots that I’ve witnessed. I’m no longer in the guinea pig program and am on a normal channel. And no, it’s not my Wi-Fi google support.

While the audio was stuttering the animation on the screen (I believe it was the weather frog,) was also halting. Another question or two later the unit started behaving normally. I highly suspect it was in some sort of sleep cycle, but it’s become something that I sort of expect to just not work reliably and that’s not a great look for $200+ hardware.

I realize I see these things so much because I use Google for everything, but man, it’s getting to be reminiscent of Microsoft circa late 90’s where there’s just a wall of problems every day.

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