Nest Wifi Pro & Doorbell (wired) officially launch

The Nest Wifi Pro and wired doorbell have launched on the Google Store today and bring Matter into play. Matter is a foundation for integrating e-stuff into your Home app, and is a protocol supported by Amazon, Apple, and Google currently.

The new Nest Wired Doorbell uses wires for power, but appears to be a scaled down version of the old Nest Hello and uses Wi-Fi for backing. This one appears to reach resolutions of 960×1280 – this is quite a bit lower than the 1600×1200 listed for the original Hello if I’m looking at the specs right.

Nest Doorbell (wired)
New for 2022

The Nest Wifi Pro I wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot stick until they get their issues with the original Nest Wifi sorted out.

Nest Wifi Pro rear view.

The Nest Wifi Pro ships with Wi-Fi 6E which is generally one more than Wi-Fi 5. Yes, there’s not a whole lot of difference, your existing Wi-Fi woes will not be magically solved.

After dealing with the Nest Wifi, I’d really advise anyone to stay away from their Wifi line until you know that it works for more than 10 days at a shot. That was one of the worst products I have ever encountered and some of the most insulting hoops they have asked people to jump through in order to try and claim it was not their product.

The Nest Pro evidently works on the 2.4, 5, and 6GHz spectrums, so I guess it is one louder. If your device can support 6GHz it might be something to look at, although return it if it starts breaking down and don’t let them run you through the horse and pony loop of trying to change your ISPs modem from NAT to bridged like they did several people with the previous version… they’re just making that up at that point.

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