Pocketables TL;DR round-up for October 19, 2022

Here’s a collection of the items I found in my inbox today. Any products listed I just thought were interesting / do not take as any recommendation.

TL;DR – stuff

Google Family Link updated

A new version of Google’s Family Link is coming and it doesn’t look like it’s addressed too many of the issues parents actually face.

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Features notably lacking still are notifications for content restrictions, history, ability to just turn the account off without editing every single day. Etc. Not designed by someone who ever had to track down why their kid suddenly has the phrase “punch me in the diaper.” No ability to block certain YouTube channels…etc.

How-To articles are overwhelming sites still

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As I mentioned before, how to articles are flooding sites that generally only push product in an attempt to make the content more appealing to Google Search. Offering “value” vs being a straight review site is an SEO advantage. Sites like Pocketables that have been doing this for decades are being impacted now because everything we’ve written is being re-written by sites 50 times the size.

Great job Google. We’ve got about a week’s worth of 7-15 articles a day on how to do this that or the other and then these larger sites are going to be out of things other than how to re-read how to articles.

T-Mobile to be selling 5G iPads

Preorders for the 5G T-Mobile iPad and iPad Pro start tomorrow. Not really seeing from the press release if this is an eSIM or SIM or branded situation. In-store availability is listed as October 26.

Local singles are evidently interested in you

According to several emails I have in my inbox, it appears that there is a plethora of local singles interested in meeting you. I believe the emails were misdirected to me. You should deal with them

This thing exists and Paul thinks it’s cool

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This is the EDGE Pro. A magsafe flip-out docking ring, or you can use a couple of them and dock a tablet. Not reviewed it, just looks cool. No, not trying to sell it. Might be great, might be meh.

It’s crypto, for KIDZ!

Doshi crypto wallet

Doshi is a crypto wallet for kids. It calls itself the firs education crypto wallet designed specifically for teens and their guardians. It’s evidently in the Apple App Store and Play Store.

Hopefully they’re going to teach that if you’ve got investor rah-rah meetings that you’re probably part of a pyramid scam because currency, especially crypto, is about perception and manipulating at the start.

This thing also exists and Paul wants it

This is the Conga lawnmower. It doesn’t require yard wires, has Ai to prevent mowing squirrels and neighbors, and basically is a smart robot vacuum for your lawn. I want.

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While I generally don’t have trouble mowing my lawn, this year was a nightmare. Between 104f/40C degree weather, rain, and being the parent to two agents of chaos while attempting to work a full time job, this year’s lawn defeated me. It’s got to be mowed one last time and it’s freezing outside today. I mean, better freezing than 104f/40C but I still have to make time I no longer have.

Does it work? Once again no idea. It looks cool and I thought I’d share. I’m hoping they’ll toss one for review, but I believe they’d only make back the cost of the unit+shipping with us, and there’re bigger fish to chase.

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