That time I got blocked on Facebook for sharing a tweet

I woke up today to a lot of things, but it was chaos and I needed to post a quick note to a group on FB to handle something. I found I couldn’t because I’d been handed a 24 hour ban for posting misinformation that could cause physical harm.


Facebook blocked

The particular thing I had shared was a tweet mockingly asking how many people had died when the chips in the vaccines activated on October 10th, 2022. This had been a very popular talking point among the fringe crowd, and had made it through to the more mainstream psychos you run across on your cable package of channels you’ll never watch but your crazy uncle always does.

Original tweet

Kurt Eichenwald’s tweet, which I shared because a councilmember in Nashville had not heard of this particular conspiracy theory, got me my second Facebook timeout since I joined. My first was also for a comment that was flagged as potentially calling for physical harm, which any human looking at would question that assumption and anyone who ever did improvisational acting/comedy would understand was a “Yes, and…?” response…

So yeah, Google’s AI can’t reliably play white noise, and Facebook’s AI has been putting me down as someone hell bent on causing people harm. I think AI is out to get me at this point.

Anyway, this along with work and a potential tornado incoming, Google Fiber supposedly installing at 1pm at my work, my Intelli ScoutPro sitting on the side of a hill charging up a solar camera that I’ve got to drive 40 miles to get prior to tornado, group I manage having to telepresence it, fun day.

Of course trying to send a note about why they got it wrong results in this:

Facebook blocked, and blocked again
Can’t process a request for why they got it wrong

Of course a tornado level event hits and I’m prevented from posting in our community group to help, warn people, etc… luckily it seems to have mostly missed us…

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