959 days after the Sprint/T-Mobile merger I’m evidently a T-Mobile customer now

I’ve been one of the bastard children of Sprint since the merger in April of 2020. Nothing worked that T-Mobile advertised. Nothing’s actually worked right with my account for a decade honestly… as in any changes always involved days of tech support and multiple tiers of escalation. Same with my most recent attempts to go from the weird Sprint account to a full fledged Magenta account.

I got my notification today I’m on the new plan. This particular switch started on October 18, and the results are in on November 16. It only took three weeks, but due to billing timing and not wanting to overly complicate things they set the actual transition date to today. Maybe yesterday. Been kind of busy.

I logged in, and lo and behold there’s a different greeting. I’m a Magenta Max customer now – whoo hoo… maybe one of those services they advertise will work!

And it did – one worked… the others, that’s another ticket. I managed to get our Netflix account ported over with a simple log into Netflix via T-Mobile. Everything went flawlessly. It’s when I noticed that Apple+ TV was on there that things went south. That’ll be another tech support for another day as I don’t particularly have tech support in me today.

Whoo hoo…

The last two years of T-Mobile’s advertising has felt like a series of “loooooooook at what we have for everyone…. not you Sprint cast-offs though”

Let’s hope whatever has been with my account a decade that required two plus weeks of wrangling by multiple people and departments just to switch phone plans is taken care of… somehow I suspect it’s not though… I really feel like I’m on some sort of decades-long NSA watchlist for no reason.

Update: The Apple TV+ issue was a text message not showing up and operator error. On this, my bad.

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