Anyone having Qi charging issues with the Pixel 7 Pro?

I’ve been trying to track down an issue – this is a wireless charger that I actually was not planning on reviewing for Pocketables (I mean I might, always a chance Pocketables will be into motorcycle mount Qi chargers.) and it’s not working… with the Pixel 7 Pro. Works with the Galaxy S9, S7, Note 8, S21 Ultra 5G, and something else.

The Pixel 7 Pro works with every single Qi charger I’ve got without any issues (beyond adaptive charging,) except this one. On this particular charger the Pixel 7 Pro starts charging, charges for about six seconds, then the Qi charger light shuts off. The Qi charger pops back on about five or six seconds later, Pixel says it’s charging again, and shutoff. Repeat for infinity.

With or without case, have adjusted everything I can. Qi charging ring is right where it should be.

Of course looking this particular thing up it’s page after page of issues with the Pixel 4 and wireless charging being broken right before the 7 released, and then the Pixel Qi chargers not working with the 7 properly, and page after page of unrelated and scam Android fix it sites and forums with not quite similar issues but close enough that Googling it has created a labyrinth that I cannot get past.

Basically does the Pixel 7 Pro have known issues with any Qi certified chargers other than the Pixel chargers out there? Maybe my Google-Fu is just weak but I’m past page six of google looking for answers.

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Paul E King

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