Considering using third party inexpensive robot vacuum parts? Here’s what I’ve found.

Hi, you might have read any of my 30 or so robot vacuum reviews in the past year but might not know that daily I have five units running on schedules, 4 units I gave away that I keep up with, and a couple that are in testing at the moment. All of these use consumable items such as bags, brushes, filters, etc.

TL;DR – everything other than side spinning brushes I have had no complaints with.

And for the most part none of the companies that supply me with an $800 vacuum seem to want to send over $2.50 worth of product that they sell for $50. You’d be surprised how much this cuts into my Pocketables millions… so whenever possible I’ve been replacing consumables with the least expensive Amazon and Aliexpress bargain bin vacuum parts stuff.

For the most part, it’s fine. There are some very specific things though… main brush and side spinners you need to keep up with for potential issues after replacement. If you’re on something like a Roborock or iRobot Roomba you’ll notice the side spinner brushes are generally soft and flexible. You get a stiff one in a replacement kit you’ll find your very awesome cleaning robot suddenly can’t get on a carpet because the third party brush you saved $8 on digs underneath the edge of the carpet. You’ll also notice on all brands where the side spinners hit the wheels that stiffer ones make more noise and quite often go under the wheels rather than bending back.

Got a replacement main roller? Check the parts that spin – if they’re plastic on a metal rod keep and use the previous roller’s old spinning black parts with metal interior. Mostly a noise concern.

Mopping pads? I notice no difference on any manufacturer. None. Let me know if you’ve noticed anything.

Air filters? Nope. No difference.

Vacuum bags – slight difference. Worst I’ve noticed is some particulate escape that branded bags don’t have. If you’re seriously allergic, something to consider. If not you might not even notice. HEPA’s pretty easy, but the cardboard and sometimes plastic seals tend to not be perfect.

Side brushes are so far the only universal thing I will pay for in the future from a manufacturer or a different seller. The ones in kits I’ve gotten are universally cheaper plastic garbage. They work, but yeah, get yourself ones that match the ones that came with the unit.

That’s been my experience with what I’ve reviewed… only thing out of the bunch is those side spinning brushes…

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