Day 2 of being T-Mobile Magenta, issues 1 & 2

I got a call from J with T-Mobile today, he’d been working the rather insane whatever that my Sprint account was. I really have no idea how to describe how little I’ve wanted to deal with anything carrier side for the past decade, it’s been an ordeal and the hope was that now that they managed to get the last of the Sprint taint off of the account.

Quick update up top – issue 2 was (it appears) Google’s handling of a change to the carrier phone account caused by issue 1. So only one T-Mobile issue., but this posted two hours before the cause was found

To be clear, I suspect when my account was hacked a decade ago that Sprint security put something on there that messed up everything. That or the Carrier Integration with Google back when that worked. It took multiple departments and ticket and about two weeks to get my account ready to transition as front line workers were just getting error messages that nobody had run across.

So yesterday I became a T-Mobile / Magenta customer and bam… Wi-Fi calling was broken. It’d been broken since I updated to the Pixel 7 Pro I believe, but it was still broken after 17 people had worked on my account at this point.

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While talking to J, he turned off E911 and turned it back on again, had me reboot my phone, bam – set. I was able now to call using Wi-Fi. I turned Airplane mode on, connected to Wi-Fi, verified it worked, whoo hoo… that one time every 3 months I’m in a dead zone that has Wi-Fi I’ll be good.

Issue 2 probably not T-Mobile, but potentially related.

All seemed good. Thirty minutes later I got a call from an unknown number. That was odd. I noticed there were only two options. Answer or decline. That was odd because I’ve been really enjoying call screening on the Pixel 7 Pro.

Yup, My “Spam and Call Screen” menu option is now gone. Clearing app cache, data, and force stopping (in any order,) does not bring it back. I am reading that this is probably a Google issue that just happened to coincide with a carrier-side change so let’s put it at it’s an issue, appears to have been caused by this T-Mobile issue.

Tried the Bluetooth off trick, no dice – I’d had Bluetooth issues yesterday.

I’m going to try the “wait for a bit” at this point as I’ve cleared cache, data, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, toggled bluetooth, etc… just going to walk away as I think Call Assist didn’t pop up for a day last time…

Update: 38 minutes later call screening is an option again. Issue 2 was triggered by, but not a T-Mobile issue.

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