Evidently cashing in on the Musk Twitter Meltdown is the email theme for today

I get a lot of emails in the Android, social media, music, photography, TV production, and baby niches. Work and blogging life are odd, what can I say? Today’s theme is cashing in on Musk’s driving Twitter headlong into chaos.

Since the Twitter acquisition on October 27, 2022 Musk’s Tesla stock has gone from $225.09 to $184.58 as of writing, or about an 18% drop in 3 weeks as mass layoffs, the buy a checkmark, multiple statements have made Twitter and Musk’s running of it front and center for public scrutiny and ridicule. Someone caused 16 billion in market cap loss after verifying a fake Eli Lilly account for $8, making Twitter potentially libel for huge losses. You know, what’s been going on for three weeks I don’t need to recap it all.

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Today’s round of emails tend to read “how to effectively promote how stable your company is, or a company run by a coked up chimpanzee, vs anything Musk related.” And that’s interesting. Two of these in one day I’d probably mark up to coincidence. Lot of people are on the same news cycle. Three I’d give high marks something is afoot.

Getting about one every hour now on how to take Twitter/Musk chaos and use it to your advantage. Different places and verticals.

Bet you want to watch stock price on Tesla and who’s buying and who’s shorting because this seems like a strange set of releases across a few areas.

Or it’s entirely a coincidence… always could be. My conspiracy minded mind tends to think there’s a concerted, if slack worthy effort to drive down stock prices for some reason.

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