I got Iron Man VR for the Meta Quest 2 and dang

There’s that old saying of never become your heroes in a virtual reality headset… oh wait, there’s not. Last night I took a chance and got Iron Man VR for the Meta Quest 2… it’d previously been a PS VR exclusive if I remember correctly… and dang. You got me. It’s the third thing I’ve found on the Meta Quest 2 that makes me OK with having purchased it.

Iron Man VR on the Meta Quest 2

It’s still a little in what I consider Android Game On Face world, in that it looks like an Android game, it’s on your face. But dang. First game I’ve played where the world turned me around. First aerial fight I’ve had where I used my hands and arms to move myself around and fight. Where shooting something from my hands went where I expected and I felt like I was in a suit of flying battle armor.

I’m not particularly far into this yet, this isn’t a review, but if you’re on the fence about checking this out, they’ve got the first couple of missions very close to right. Although I feel like I could have done without the decommissioning the first AI who I suspect will turn out to be the villain because they’re telegraphing it mission.

Iron Man table

This is also the first VR game I’ve needed more room than I have… due to construction that hopefully wraps up today in my living room, a table, oddly with Iron Man’s image on it, was missing and I played in that space last night.

I’ll review it later, it’s playtime.

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