More Pixel 7 Pro glitches, day 18?

My phone shut down last night because it wanted to. I only mention that because the Pixel 7 Pro had been power cycled today. Since my last listing of things I’ve found wrong with the new phone, I’ve added a couple. The first set involves Bluetooth, the second potentially related to the Tensor’s voice to text / offline, but probably not.

Bluetooth fails on the Pixel 7 Pro

I paired a new device from Tronsmart that’s coming out next month and I’m not entirely sure if I’m under embargo on it or not let’s just say it’s a speaker with a name. It didn’t sound right and I spent about 20 minutes playing my various test music on it before wondering if perhaps I should play test music on a speaker I’ve already reviewed. Glad I did. Every speaker I played on sounded bad.

Pixel 7 Pro claiming there are no nearby Bluetooth devices
Yeah, my S21 found infinity devices around… actually kind of scary how many the neighbors have.

Went and grabbed my Galaxy S21 5G Ultra, paired, entirely different experience. I tested the S21 on a couple of other speakers and they all sounded fine. Checked all settings and verified I was listening using what I’m used to. Checked developer options on the Pixel 7 Pro to make sure I didn’t go on a bender and accidentally change something there (I didn’t.)

The sound was just pretty bad. I popped in some earbuds and the APTX codec sounded fine. Connected to a couple more SBC speakers and still was getting crackly. Finally went to pair a different device and was informed there were no nearby Bluetooth audio devices. That there is some fakeness. Pulled up the S21 and verified that I could see about 11 Bluetooth devices including my discoverable Pixel 7 Pro.

I turned Bluetooth off and on a couple of times, never could see any devices. Finally rebooted the phone and suddenly the audio was fine.

Since 6:38am when I turned the Pixel 7 Pro on, until about 4pm when I rebooted it, I sent a couple of text messages and took a lot of pictures of a dragon plant with ornaments on it. Think I used Google Maps and driving mode and listened to a podcast. Not anything particularly interesting or system stressing.

Glad we’ve got on-device voice to text

Last night, running to pick the kiddos up it was a complicated improvised situation and I needed to be able to text Kim while I was driving. Hands free driving, and all I needed to send was that I was going to be there in about five minutes. I’ve downloaded everything required for the Tensor 2 / Pixel 7 Pro and sending a text message in driving mode it listened, translated everything I spoke correctly more or less, and then nothing…

It said “just a moment” or something once or twice, I’m guessing attempting to contact a Google service before reading back what I had said… it failed evidently and the driving mode just stayed stuck with my text down at the bottom.

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