Some upcoming deals on XGIMI projectors we’ve reviewed (and not)

XGIMI, makers of the ultra portable Elfin, which I think everyone should probably own, have some deals coming up ahead of Black Friday and they’re worth looking at if you’re in the market for one of the best software and video experiences you can have on a smart projector these days.

September 21, 2023: Hey a quick update to articles referencing the XGIMI Horizon Pro, or XGIMI Elfin. Brightness claims were listed based on information provided by the manufacturer at the time. XGIMI has reached a settlement with Epson to switch from ANSI to ISO standards and additionally change the brightness claims of a few of their projectors that overstated them. As I wrote a lot of XGIMI articles I am copying this block and saying if you see it say the Horizon Pro is 2200 ANSI lumens, it’s actually 1500 ISO lumens. The 800 ANSI Lumen claim of the Elfin is now 600 ISO lumens. These still appear to respectively overstate brightness by about 17% & 6% when accounting for conversion.

XGIMI Elfin projector

BTW, if you haven’t played with a lot of projectors, the compelling horridness of most of them is the software. The XGIMI Projectors I’ve played with have the Android TV experience and work with Google right out of the box. They’re great and a class of user experience that … I really am going to have to make a video of how crappy some other brands are… lot of brands great hardware destroyed by software. XGIMI got it right all around.

The deals run from Wednesday November 23 (Slightly Gray Wednesday / Nanite Wednesday,) through Monday November 28 (Cyber Monday,) and range between 15% through 21% discounted.

We’ve reviewed the Horizon PRO and the Elfin before… and I really have to say the Elfin has been the one tech gadget I have sitting around in use that everyone has been impressed by. The HP is better in terms of resolution (4K) and brightness sure, but man I’ve never been as impressed all around as I have by the Elfin (little dimmer, 1080p, but a far more polished and compact experience.)

What I am getting from the email is that starting the 23rd the following will be the pricing (let me know if it’s not)

XGIMI Deals Nov 23 2022- Nov 28 2022

The HALO might be the wrong link for the discounts, wasn’t included in our email.

We have only reviewed the Horizon Pro and the Elfin hands on, but daaaaang…. they’re great.

Oh yeah, something to look out for in projector world if you’re purchasing a projector over the holidays – if it says it’s a 1080 projector and then throws 4K in there as a mention, it’s a 1080 projector. It can take 4K input and downscale it to 1080. Like the Elfin – it’s a 1080P projector, can support 4K input. If you need 4K display skip anything that says 1080 in the product description.

And if you think Amazon or Netflix is actually pushing 4K worthy content I’d invite you to check out the EyeQue which is a great home eye testing kit and will help you find glasses to see the faux-k pixels properly. If streaming services reach 1080P quality I’m still surprised.

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