T-8 until Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Tofurducken Tuesday

While I write about consumer products and start making positive cash flow this month through January on product sales, my interest in the consumer frenzy that is Black Friday is tempered by knowing what these products actually cost to produce. I mean, if you knew the markup on things, I think most consumers would wonder what they’re actually paying for and then rise up and overthrow the system.

Oh, what was I talking about? Yeah… I’m probably going to post a few Black Friday deals from companies I actually like. I’ll stress that while I’d love to make hand over fist in advertising revenue, I refrain from pushing product I don’t like and I don’t create “ten best projectors on Amazon right now” articles based on someone else’s ratings and other people’s reviews… looking at you Android *cough cough* eee…

Something to remember with these doorbuster sales are there are few doors to be busted any more. It’s weeks now of American shopping excess as store after store marks one or two things down to only making a slight profit as opposed to an absurd one in an effort to get you spending with them. Or maybe Paul has just lost the Black Friday spirit.

Years ago I’d go out on Black Friday Eve and set up at a mall and just watch the chaos… not a chance I was participating in the elbow-to-neck fighting that generally broke out somewhere, but it was interesting and somewhat saddening to see people lines up for hours thinking that saving $100 on a TV was worth 5-7 hours of their time.

But, I will be posting some deals…

As I always tell people and try and live my life by – get people gifts when you think about them, not when the holidays demand. Tell them you love them year round and show it, not when Valentine’s day, International Children’s Day, Left Handed Awareness Hour, or whatever rolls around. I can’t imagine telling someone that I want them to stress out for hours over a gift to get the guy who doesn’t really need anything, and I’ll save a lot of the money I would spend on trinkets for going somewhere with roller coasters when it gets warmer.

But that’s just me… also, if you haven’t seen Bruce Campbell’s Black Friday, feel no need to worry, your life will not be more complete having seen it. I suggest you instead focus on Black Monday.

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