Unboxing a bunch of magnetic goodies from Moment

So here’s what we’ve got – a box full of magnetic attachments including two magnetic cases for my Pixel 7 Pro, some after-market case conversion discs to make any case a Magnetic/Magsafe case, a cold shoe mount, a tripod mount, and one thing that I didn’t open that I really should have which I’ll try and throw a picture of in here.

Just me playing with some of Moment’s stuff

This is just some unboxing and playing with the stuff, nothing world shattering except I do a compass test while using the products. I probably call it Magsafe more times than I have a right to, it’s not “magsafe” as I recall, it’s a magnet… Magsafe is a brand… ignore me.

I’ll be doing reviews on these later, although I’m pretty sure two of them have already been reviewed so unless there’s any changes will probably be doing a one piece round up of all those magnetic goodies they’ve provided.

Once again, thanks Moment!

BTW – the part I’m talking about losing I removed from my tripod so I could mount the XGIMI Horizon Pro projector on in my back yard, it disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere in the yard, retraced my steps, found stuff I lost 7 years ago. No idea where it ended up. Pretty sure I had a Portrait length version but never used in portrait mode so this works.

You can find their products at

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