Unboxing even MORE goodies from Moment

Moment, the makers of my favorite Magsafe / Magnetic style case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and most likely my favorite case for the Pixel 7 Pro (I’ve had it 3 weeks, let’s not commit this early,) sent over yet another box of goodies. This is just four minutes of me opening them, shaking the units around, and seeing how strong the magnets are.

There’s a Moment Cold Shoe Mount for Magsafe, an Adjustable Wall Mount, two Moment cases for the Pixel 7 pro. All of this stuff was sent in the last batch, although I did not unbox the adjustable wall mount thinking it was something we’d already covered. There’s also an adjustable dash mount for Magsafe I’m interested to try out.

Should be noted that after I filmed this I realized that the adjustable dash mount is going to have far less straight-off force on it due to being at an angle in the car. Don’t take how easy it was to dislodge as an indicator of droppy-ness. I think that’s by design for 1) not needing that level of magnet, 2) attempting to not mess with the compass. I could be wrong.

We’ll be reviewing some of these in the next couple of days… I’m a bit torn on how to review all of them because they’re quite different products, but the base idea is the same – magnets. So for now, check out the video above, head over to, or Amazon, and grab yourself one. Amazon link we’d make a buck or two, ShopMoment we wouldn’t.

ShopMoment / Moment / Magsafe / Magnetic collection
My current magnetic collection… for all of these and they don’t make a double-sided fridge magnet kills me. Know where I want to put my phone when I’m in the kitchen? On the fridge.

None of these have been reviewed previously except the cold shoe mount. I suspect I’ll be recommending the cases. The mount is more solid than it should be. Others I’ll let you know in a week or so.

You can see the other goodies they sent over here.

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