WalleyGrip2 – a Magsafe wallet, kickstand, grip, business card, set of armor

The WalleyGrip2 is an updated version of the WalleyGrip that adds card skimming / RFID protection and the addition of an NFC tag that allows you to give your business card / contact info / etc with a simple tap. Additionally the wallet portion holds at least three cards, allows contactless payments, functions as a ring/phone holder for easier use, and can double as an OK kickstand.

WalleyGrip2 in packaging

The magnets, they are strong. This is the hardest-sticking Magsafe wallet I’ve run across. As a wallet it’s what it is. Good for a few items (ID, credit cards,) but not for every day use for me. NFC does work through it although I did not test out the contactless payment abilities.

The WalleyGrip2 uses an app called POPL to organize and handle your contact info. My testing pushed a VCF with my name, number, website, etc., and that’s all I wanted, but you can exchange other info. POPL tries up upsell you into a couple of programs, but that was significantly more than I was wanting or needing. I think basically unless you’re Bob Business, the free version is going to work for you. But if you are Bob Business, go for it.

Pro plans start at $80 a year which allow a lot of business related things such as capturing info, saving others as contacts who check your cards, 5000+ CRM integrations, unlimited types of business cards, branded push notifications, and Bob Business stuff.

How does the WalleyGrip2 hold up?

I did a shake test on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. That’s the biggest and heaviest phone I have with a Magsafe case so that’s what I tried. I used a Moment MFORCE magnetic case, and I used a cheap-o clear plastic case I’m thinking I paid $9 for. Both were acceptable. It’s not accidentally slipping off and the WalleyGrip2 was more than strong enough to hold through some mild hand shaking attempting to dislodge the phone.

It’s not going to hold a brick, but it’s also not going to pull off while pulling it out of your pocket. It exists in the realm of Magsafe that is where it needs to be.

My compass on the Pixel 7 Pro is thrown off by about 15-25 degrees when I place this on the back. This doesn’t affect me that I can tell because Maps tends to figure out things, but just something to be aware of. I don’t think there’s a lot of compass-using people out there… I’m not sure what even uses that these days other than as a display on Google Maps about where it thinks the phone is pointed. Just something to be aware of.

I discovered that I could not tap my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to get the NFC chip to work when I had it in a Magsafe compatible case. I tried two. I’ve checked the Pixel 7 and it works fine. I checked a Galaxy Note 8, and a Galaxy S9 and no issues but also no Magnetic cases. I know the S21 Ultra 5G and the Moment case work fine in tap to pay scenarios. I do not know what is up here but I’m throwing that out that I had one device fail hard on the business card aspects and I have no way to test whether this is a problem. I sort of doubt it. Just throwing that out there.

I do wonder in a retail establishment where these are sold what is the recourse to when someone scans one, creates an account named PoopyMcPoopface, and takes control of that particular NFC. Low possibility, but things I wonder.


The WalleyGrip2 is overkill if you just want a Magsafe wallet. It’s a bit of overkill if you want a Magsafe wallet with a kickstand/finger look and RFID blocking. It exists in the realm of it knows who needs it and that’s people who meet and exchange contact information quite frequently and need to control what they’re sending out.

WalleyGrip2 back packaging

You work a farmer’s market, meet tons of people at CES or conventions, work a job soliciting for a charity, etc. the integration of the POPL NFC is probably something you’re looking for. For most people however, that NFC and contact exchange may just be a thing.

Contact cards on NFCs are not a new thing, I’ve got a bunch I programmed and forgot about in a pile. But the integration into an RFID blocking wallet that you’re not going to forget and leave in your car is something that might be handy for you.

Good idea, good implementation, probably not a feature set that’s worth the additional price for the average user, but that’s up for you to decide your use case. Were I Bob Business, this one would be for me.

You can find the WalleyGrip2 on the manufacturer’s website. Does not appear to be on Amazon yet.

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The WalleyGrip2 is a business oriented Magsafe/Magnetic wallet with RFID blocking, a kickstand, and NFC business card options built in.

Product Brand: Infinacore

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 50

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  • Slim
  • Strong magnets
  • RFID blocking


  • Internet required for contact exchange
  • POPL app for config

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