Was it just me or did Google Nest / Hub / Home / Assistant work very badly last night?

I have some very specific routines that are executed every night. One of them is to play a playlist on my youngest’s Nest Hub. She can’t sleep without music getting her there. The other is a routine I have that sets the upstairs temperature to a certain setting, turns out the lights, makes sure my computer’s display is turned off, turns on a fan for circulation, and plays white noise.

Night in question since this will exist on the internet for years would be November 17th, 2022.

Last night I couldn’t play music on my youngest’s Nest Hub. It would display a blank screen on Aerin’s, say it was playing, but the speaker it was playing to was in another room. OK, this has happened before, choose the speaker, unchoose the other room, it should play on this one but no. Every time I attempted to play something it would start playing on Maggie’s Nest Hub.

I checked, Maggie could play music, it was immediately overridden by Aerin’s speaker, and no matter whether I said “play that playlist on Aerin’s speaker” or typed it on my phone, or even attempted to cast to Aerin’s speaker, nothing worked properly.

I did what my years of technical training have taught me to do and turned everything off and on again and surprise surprise, no change… well, actually there was – now Aerin’s Nest Hub said “do not disturb” and offered no method to turn it off. I could not get the playlist to play, I could not get music to play.

I ended up grabbing a phone, playing the playlist on said phone, and Aerin drifted off to sleep with the Zombies 3 soundtrack playing on a tinny speaker.

I went in today, worked fine. Completely as expected. Same as it’s been for the past couple of years.

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