Wife impressed by piece of tech finally

I have no idea how Kim doesn’t find some of the stuff I bring home fascinating, but generally she doesn’t. Every now and then we get something like our beloved Rhonda (Roborock S7,) that becomes used and named and liked, but these are few and far between.

I think the Ooler, the Roborock S7, a Jabra headset I actually forgot to review (sorry Jabra, found it two years late,) and maybe the ability with Google Assistant to turn the TV off and broadcast are about the extent of my vast tech empire she employs on any regular basis. There are also few requests for tech that isn’t somehow couch replacing related.

Until tonight… she asked if I could hook a desk lamp up to a smart switch so she could call it Cheerio and turn it on and off. She had already plugged it into a Kasa smart strip, but didn’t know how to control it or how to change “Kim Plug 4” to be “Cheerio.” Took me about 30 seconds to trace the plug, rename it in the Home app.

And then that light got turned on and off and on and off like a crazy neon sign… a maniacal glee I suspected was oozing off in my general direction.

I’m not sure why it’s called Cheerio, although considering she’s watching whatever the latest season of The Crown is I have my suspicions. But it could be she’s really into General Mills, which I believe John Oliver had mentioned right before this whole plug request happened. Something about getting a fake General Mills verified Twitter account.

So yeah…I named a plug that a $9 light is plugged into and it’s evidently the coolest thing ever. Oh yeah, and a Blendjet 2 I’m reviewing – that also evidently is the coolest thing ever.

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