44 days on the Pixel 7 Pro, it’s become a good phone

When I started with the Pixel 7 Pro I think I hit all the bugs. All of them. I had fingerprint scanner issues, I had random shutoffs, Bluetooth failing, extremely bad voice to text, refusal to charge on wireless, getting stuck in unlock loops trying to pay, call screening disappearing, apps just disappearing/crashing, photo burst problems, and a host of other things. It truly was one of the buggiest phones I’ve ever run across.

Most of it’s fixed now. The December update appears to have resolved most of the issues. I can pay with tap to pay without looking like a moron now, the fingerprint issues I’m pretty sure were not the Pixel’s fault at this point, I’ve had no random reboots that I can tell, I wake up with a full charge every morning now, and I have not had one instance where Bluetooth failed.

Now my only beef is with their apps, but that would be on any phone.

It is kind of concerning that a flagship phone could contain so many bugs that hit me directly without me actively attempting to find them. I mean, I am a product tester and I do look for these things, but I was not attempting to discover anything. I actually want Google to win on this regardless of how much I rag on their products. I just ran across those in my daily use. Many of the things, including wireless charging issues, had been around and reported with Android 13 since the early release days (here you can see the issue on March 9th on the Pixel 4 / Android 13) and not resolved until about December 5.

That is a very long turnaround for a bug fix for a bug that I could reproduce on multiple chargers sitting in my house. Reminds me of the bad old days on one of the HTC EVOs where Maps was broken for months and no fix was in sight.

Since the December update, one weird lockup for a minute or two and a message than an app or security prevented me from taking a screenshot and that’s been it. It’s been the most pleasant and average phone experience. The voice to text is now getting the words that I’m saying right most of the time with the only real problem of it having some atrocious grammatical errors that I would not expect – their/they’re/there and your/you’re have been messed up a few times and it really should know better.

Multitasking / multi-window still seems amateurish in comparison with the Galaxy series, but I rarely use it.

Overall – would have returned it the first month had I not had so much work invested in it, now I would not. It feels like we’re close to being on the level of my previous phone, and as a phone that call screens spammers, scammers, and business contacts who shouldn’t be calling me, I actually really am enjoying it.

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Paul E King

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