First charging issue since Pixel 7 Pro Dec update and think I know what caused it

For me it’s been smooth sailing since the December Pixel 7 Pro update. Until today. I woke up to a nearly dead Pixel 7 Pro after 13 days of next to no issues.

Since the update I have only once woken up with less than 100% on my phone and that was on day one after the update. Wireless and adaptive charging has been functioning normally and I’ve had next to no complaints.

My kids are out of school for the next 21 days… pray for me. As such last night I turned off the alarm that wakes me at 6am every day. My phone was at 10% when I woke up.

My operating theory is based on that the Pixel 7 Pro adaptive charging works based on your alarms for when to charge up completely, that’s the only change that I did…. yeah… that’s all I can figure.

Without an alarm to wake against, my guess is it just decided to not charge. But, this is speculative operating theory.

As it previously didn’t matter if I had adaptive charging on or off, it just didn’t want to charge, meh… another bug… I’ll see tomorrow if it fails the same way and then the next day see if turning the alarm back on will change anything but highly suspect this is the case.

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