Hardware failure in attempted murder last night

Last night someone decided to crash into me head on on a 5-lane street. It was a decision because (from left to right) I was in lane 4 westbound, they were in lane 1 eastbound, and they went from driving straight to aiming directly at me. I saw them coming, veered to the right, they course corrected for my correction, and then years of playing way too many video games paid off and I jerked the car out of the way at the last second and they missed the back of the car by a foot or two.

They then went head on down the road on the wrong side and ran another car off the road before turning down a side road. They were trying. This isn’t me being dramatic. They made two attempts to hit me and then a deliberate decision to attempt to hit another car head on down the road.

I pulled over and called 911 and reported what happened. I was in the wife’s car with her and my kids who all had been targets as well. When I say targets, I mean we’re what a random stranger saw and attempted to hit, not that I think I’m being stalked by people at Ooler or MyFirst who took objection to my reviews and have decided to make this an un-merry holiday.

I’d put a dash cam in Kim’s car about two weeks ago. It was one of my old ones and … I’m not going to really say the name here because it was pre-production, it’s old, it’s had problems potentially related to a bad SD card and I put it back out there knowing this. But the end result is it failed when I needed it. Which I should have suspected.

image 8 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Two minute gaps in recording and two 0 length movies

Time stamps are two hours off as a note. The event happened at 8:34-8:35. The dashcam must have rebooted right during that timeframe. I’ve got great dashcam footage of me calling 911 and telling them I had absolutely no information other than it was an SUV that made at least two course corrections to attempt to hit me head on.

I swapped out the SD card with a high endurance one and will be testing the old one out, but I highly suspect that it’s the old dashcam, which as noted once again was a pre-production unit that I knew had issues the past year or two. Not shaming them, more like shaming myself here.

Moral of the story – not really anything. Just a tech story. If I’d had the video footage I suspect I might have been able to get a vague idea of what the vehicle was. As I recall it was an SUV, dark, in the dark, with two working headlights on high beam pointed right at me. I suspect that’s what I’d have seen on the dashcam video. I doubt the rear camera would have picked up anything other than taillights. But it would have been more than I have now.

Posted the story to our neighborhood group and turns out I’m not the first that’s happened to this week. Either coincidence, some new stupid game kids are playing, or one highly suicidal/homicidal person who hasn’t succeeded yet.

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