XGIMI Projector deals project savings until Dec 20.

I’m a fanboy of the XGIMI Elfin, really, that thing is amazing. I think this is the only week it’s not been used since I got it, and that’s entirely due to a construction project that sidelined me at my house and took up 90% of available space in my house. Anyway, besides the point – some deals are going on now until December 20, 2022 and here’s a list.

September 21, 2023: Hey a quick update to articles referencing the XGIMI Horizon Pro, or XGIMI Elfin. Brightness claims were listed based on information provided by the manufacturer at the time. XGIMI has reached a settlement with Epson to switch from ANSI to ISO standards and additionally change the brightness claims of a few of their projectors that overstated them. As I wrote a lot of XGIMI articles I am copying this block and saying if you see it say the Horizon Pro is 2200 ANSI lumens, it’s actually 1500 ISO lumens. The 800 ANSI Lumen claim of the Elfin is now 600 ISO lumens. These still appear to respectively overstate brightness by about 17% & 6% when accounting for conversion.

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K projector
Horizon Pro

I’m just cutting and pasting

All deals end on 12/20:

Aura drops 14% to $2399 starting 12/5, HORIZON Pro drops 20% to $1275 now until 12/2 then moves to $1399 until 12/20 and HORIZON drops 10% to $899 from now until 12/20.  Halo is discounted 20% to $599 and Halo+ is discounted 15% to $719 until 12/20.  The ultra-portable Elfin goes down to $479 until 12/4 then goes up to $499 until 12/20, while MoGo Pro drops 20% to $399 starting on 12/5. 

Reminder on Pocketables reviews

We’ve reviewed the Elfin and the HORIZON Pro. Both of those are great and feel free to ask any questions about ’em. Anything else, while I suspect it’s probably good, we’re not familiar with.

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