XGIMI’s got some interesting developments coming

There’s a new product coming out called the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro. It will be on display at CES in January. While I don’t really do promo for companies on products sight unseen, it has something that I am quite interesting in seeing which is their new seamless screen adaptation technology (ISA 2.0.) Basically color me interested.

They’ve called their three new additions Seamless Auto Keystone Corrections, Seamless Auto Focus, and Intelligent Eye Protection. Listed as taking place without interrupting projection and viewing experience. No more keystone/focus projection?

I have yet to work with a projector where I thought the eye protection was intelligent in the least, so here’s hoping XGIMI has come up with something that has the ability to tell when your kid is trying to blind themselves but will switch back on the instant they’re not looking. But, I don’t know… just hoping here. Seems like a little IR laser to catch cornea reflections and shut off the main lamp would be a thing already.

The XGIMI MoGo Pro 2 looks grate. Yes, that is a cheese shredding pun.
It looks grate

Assuming they deliver like I think they will, Seamless Auto Keystone and Auto Focus are something you’d find you want if you make minor adjustments quite a bit to your projector placement due to seating issues. I do because I move it around quite a bit, but I don’t know that this is going to have the interest appeal to most consumers who have a dedicated spot for their projectors. I find that after deploying my Elfin or whatever I’m usually moving it and have to interrupt whatever I’m doing to re-keystone, but.. I mean that’s my use case, you don’t move these things, deal with having to move objects out of the way for the projector, you probably don’t need them or notice them as much as I do.

The claims are that key stoning, focusing, stabilization is automatic and unnoticed by the user with no wait time. Yeah, that’s almost exactly what I want in a portable projector. It’s not that the focus, keystoning, etc are killing me here, but it is probably about 30 seconds per use for me on most times, but any interruption prevented is good.

The MoGo 2 Pro will be debuting with that (ISA 2), and presumably the extremely well supported and maintained Android TV releases that the other XGIMI projectors have been rolling out regularly since I started reviewing them.

I do wonder if ISA 2 can be back ported to some of the older projectors or if there’s additional hardware involved..

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