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At the moment there’s not a terrible lot interesting on the radar. Choice bits from other blogs I follow could be summarized as “the “we’ve got nothing so let’s create a walkthrough of opening a web browsers to read this article.” It’s the standard post-CES slump time and not a whole lot is going to happen until some things get released over the next couple of months, and as per the new norm Android blogs are convinced they need to provide a heaping serving of something per day, anything, rather than waiting to do something actually useful.

Or I’m wrong…

I took yesterday off from Pocketables to spend some time on a couple of reviews… working on a standing desk, and more on the projectors that have been the constant source of irritation for my wife because they’ve been on the kitchen counter for about a month at this point as I attempt to figure out which one is better and why.

See, this is where being a paid shill would be so much easier. Accept product, say it’s great, ignore the flaws, create a “best of” list and throw it in, sit back and profit. Or just curate a list of most reviewed Amazon projectors and claim these are the top X projectors, and use other people’s work/reviews to write your blurb and get commission.

Looking at the embargoed up and coming, everything’s AI. So prepare to welcome your new aftermarket insole AI gear that can figure out your life by analyzing your movement and foot acidity.

Should note, I have nothing against AI. I do have quite a bit of problems with how I’ve seen it implemented (oh yes, I’d like to hear someone hissing at me rather than what I asked for – how did you know google?)

Anyway, not dead, just looking for something worth writing about while working on three reviews that have gone on over a month and one that’s thrown my back out.

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