I reported a scam to Amazon, this is the stupidity that ensued

I tweeted about a seller and what they were doing to scam people on Amazon. I am not a customer of said seller, I was not scammed by said seller, but I figured I’d toss Amazon a note that a seller had switched product descriptions so they had 4+ star average reviews of a far far far too cheap piece of equipment. You can see all the reviews are for a kitchen appliance and not a tech appliance.

Their Twitter team directed me to use a feedback form rather than, you know, just dealing with it. For purposes of this, the account that reported this is not a customer but whatever.

Filled out the form indicating the URL of the product, how to see proof they’d changed the item from a well reviewed kitchen accessory to junk fake tech so they’d have 5 star rating on something that didn’t work, etc.

Got back a note the next day that they could not locate a seller account associated with my email address. They hadn’t read a single thing, just sent half a page notification about how they value their seller’s privacy.

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Tweeted it again, was told to submit the issue again because searching by username they couldn’t locate the info. Nope. It’s there three tweets back. Lordy…

Thanks Scamazon. You’re really looking out for us there.

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