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Good Qi wireless charger not working with your Pixel? Fix it!

This comes from an email I got today and I will thank and tell the story after the easy fix. My setup: Pixel 7 Pro, 6 other devices work on a wireless charger, the Pixel doesn’t.

I assume you’ve come here after searching 30 other sites that all seem to have been written by an AI involving updating firmware and maybe a piece of software is to blame… well, today’s fix involves… well, a piece of Pixel system software that results in the Pixel charging for 2-3 seconds, then stopping, then starting again 7 or so seconds later, then stopping/repeating for infinity resulting in the unit not ever really charging or charging maybe 2 seconds out of every twenty.

This is on a known good charger, or charger that worked with every phone until it met your Pixel. I mean, your wireless charger could be bad but it’s not is it?

Fix wireless Pixel charging

Go to settings, apps, see all apps, find “Pixel Stand” and force stop it and disable it. Try your phone on the charger again and see if that didn’t fix it. If it doesn’t, re-enable because something else is afoot.

You’ve read all the spam blog posts attempting to get you to purchase a fix or call a support company to walk you through for a price… this is a one minute fix and test. Go ahead, try it… worst it’s going to do is not work.

All the thanks and stories, but they’re after the fix

OK, so hopefully that worked and now you’re here. Fix was sent to me by Shawn Markins who stumbled across me having a problem with a wireless motorcycle-mounted charger. Many thanks Shawn, I couldn’t get anything but a generic answer from the sellers, and Google has been less than helpful historically.

The Pixel Stand app is used in conjunction with the Pixel Stand 2, which is a fast wireless charger that appears to signal to your phone to bring up a different screen. I’m a little confused reading the product description about why I would pay $80 for what appears to be a $30 product that could be replicated with an NFC tag, but maybe I’m missing something.

After disabling the Pixel Stand app, my one wireless charger that refused to work with the Pixel charged it at full gallop for the 15 minutes I tested it.

If this worked for you, a comment that it worked would be appreciated. If it didn’t work for you, a comment that it worked would still be appreciated even if it was a total lie.

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