Rendered upcoming phone leaks indicate it’s rectangular, cameras on both sides

Leaked renders of this year’s most anticipated phone this month indicate that it is rectangular in shape and has between two and seven cameras adorning the front and the back of it.

It is rumored to possess a main chip of a slightly higher performance, and perhaps a different fruit-based name for release in the US markets, although overseas it’s expected to have a processor with a decidedly Ridley Scott’s Alien’s naming convention.

Rumored speed increases over the existing product and a potential to have a megapixel rating higher than the previous model tend to indicate that this might be the device that finally enables you to take low light pictures of kids who refuse to stop moving even for a second.

Picture of upcoming phone
Picture of prototype phone curtesy of that Twitter Leaks account

A filing with the FCC indicates the phone has radios that can potentially operate in spectrums that are not used. This leads to speculation that these are future proof for carriers as 6G is on the horizon and will change everything after 5G changed everything.

Company has purchased a large amount of glass from glass manufacturer in the past, and this time we expect that the device will be indestructible thus proving what we’ve been claiming for years with previous versions of Phone – that the device is indestructible.

Leaked renders of upcoming flagship phone indicate it's black, rectangular.
Leaked renders of upcoming flagship

The battery has been confirmed to be the same size or smaller than previous, however even though we never actually reached “all day battery,” with any of the phones in the past, we’ll reach “all day battery” while still adding in a faster processor and brighter screen! All day! No exceptions!

While exact dimensions have not been revealed and we have not had the device in person, these are the ten best cases for upcoming phone.

It’s going to be a game changer, making you want to throw away your old inferior rectangular bumpy camera-laden device.

Reader poll:

How much better is this phone than yours? Are you planning to get the flagship or fan edition? They’ve disappointed you five times in the past already so how did they get it so right this time?

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