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Saying goodbye to BBC Minute (how to change news providers in Google Assistant)

If you listen to a lot of news services while driving chances are you’ve had the ever-perky BBC Minute on your radar and now it’s gone. Rather than giving you an error message you can deal with, Google’s Assistant-based news just stops and dumps you into voice controlling media when you ask for it to skip.

BBC Minute is now gone
Looks like it ended on Christmas Adam. No, this isn’t a Google screenshot I was just attempting to find when BBC Minute actually went off.

Basically when it hit BBC Minute for me today and stopped and I asked it to skip it told me it was skipping to the next song on a smart speaker I have at home that I have not controlled with my phone in several weeks.

So of course changing news providers has to be a lot of taps… here’s the 2023 easy way

BBC Minute esta muerte
Goodbye BBC Minute, you will be missed for at least two.

If you have a Google search bar

  • tap search bar
  • tap G (top left)
  • tap profile picture (top right)
  • tap settings
  • tap Google Assistant
  • tap News
  • Change / reorder your news sources

Changing News providers from the Google Home app

  • Open Home App
  • Tap profile picture (top right)
  • Tap assistant settings
  • Scroll down to news, tap it
  • Change / reorder your news sources

This is written at the beginning on 2023. As such with almost all Google-related reporting I fully expect this to change and be antiquated information. The difference on Pocketables is if someone comments and tells me it’s outdated or wrong I’ll fix it. So when this doesn’t work the latter half of 2023 or beyond, drop a comment and I’ll see about getting it fixed.

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