♫ This magnet Moment, so different and so new ♪

I got a bunch of magnet accessories from Moment recently and while one deserves some major spotlighting, the others I’ve struggled to come up with any particular review other than “it’s a magnet, it works with Magsafe and magnetic cases, it does what you think.”

I mean, that’s honestly the extent of what most of the reviews would have been. Several months in though these little magnets are growing on me. There’s a Moment Strap Anywhere Mount magnet strapped to the leg of my desk at home (not the standing one,) that keeps one of my old phones I use for secondary photography handy.

image 7 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Strap on mount is behind the S21 U5G.
Yes, that’s not a Moment case – it got too confusing both of them having a Moment magnetic case that looked the same

I’ve got the adjustable dash car mount pulling fridge duty (for when I’m cooking,) – neat concept, would use in my car but I need charging capabilities. As a fridge/kitchen mount though it’s supreme.

The car vent mount, I used for a short amount of time – I’m not a fan of vent mounts but a friend of mine was and it’s being used to this day.

The tripod mounts and my Moment case for the Pixel 7 Pro get regular use in any unboxing video I do.

That the Moment case works with magsafe ring adapters… so sweet. I mean, Moment should bring out their own ring adapters, but their case working with ’em is giving my pinky a break.

Yeah give ’em a look if you get a chance… The items are well made, do exactly what you think they will, and so far have held up admirably.


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