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Ever wonder what your Google Assistant heard?

Because Google Assistant is rather hit or miss with logging things, and is prone to mishearing what you’re saying, a lot of times you ask for something you get an entirely different result and have no clue how that happened.

A simple request like “turn off the living room TV” might launch into google lecturing you on Polynesian honey bee mating habits. Setting an alarm for 6:20am might turn on every light in the house. I’ve asked for white noise and had it scream at me that this is what an elephant sounds like followed by a trumpet.

If you ever wonder, just say “hey google, what did you hear?” and find out. Maybe. This only seems to work if it recognized your voice on the first request and the second. If my kid or a guest asks and I ask what did you hear, I tend to get the last thing that I’d requested if I remember correctly.

Anyway, that’s it “hey google, what did you hear?”

I’m sorry, I can’t bring you beer yet.

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