Spent the past few days cyberstalking

As mentioned earlier I have had a tenant die, and we didn’t have useful contact information. Her phone died, the bill was not paid, so it’s in nothing but emergency mode now. Aided by an army of locals we managed to track down a whole lot of info but along the way using some of these people search things we’ve discovered that a lot of this, most of it, garbage.

But by making a fairly obvious attempt and hitting up friends of friends have managed to locate pretty much everyone that needs to be located. We’re still short one family member who has gone MIA and is the closest to us, but yeah.

What surprised me was how faulty most of the information returned was… records that were mixed with other people of similar names or ages… listings of my former tenant that had her living in a different town… I mean, yikes… so much fake or garbage info.

I didn’t pay for the searches, we’ve got a neighbor who’s doing rental verification and an ex-skip trace professional who got us that far… but were I to have followed the lead there we’d be searching up a tree in the wrong state.

Police made contact with the parents, who they got the info from the kid we located (I believe,) and I’m waiting on a call at the moment.

So yeah, those “find anything about anyone” things – appear to be pretty much garbage. Luckily I didn’t pay for it.

Crazy few days

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