Today’s scam uses space age tech…er… spaces

The latest thing to get through Gmail’s filters to me is this piece of fluff:

image 29 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Now the interesting thing about this one is that when viewed on a phone there’s no evidence that the email continues past that one run-together paragraph.

I read this a couple of times because I’m dealing with my insurance company lately and just making sure this wasn’t insurance related… I mean it obviously isn’t, but on a phone and getting through Gmail’s spam filter it looked slightly more legitimate than your average spam…

Let’s go through this… we’ve got a hotmail return address for a business, hotmail name and display name so far apart it hurts, a hardship application assistance which you know, with all the insurance things caught me for a second so that was good, pre-approved… no, those two words pretty much guarantee a scam.

Fairly generic template makes me think they lifted it off of somewhere else.

The spacing to make their CAN-SPAM notice not visible is the only interesting thing about this scam though.

For hotmail, spacing, forgetting to put a fake company name, using financial support instead of financial assistance, comma issues, forgetting to end the thing with a period, no images for signature, just overall a low effort attempt with the only somewhat interesting thing being the spacing… that showed some effort. Link it asks me to go to redirects to another even. Pretty basic low effort.


You get a D-
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