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One of the things I’ve been harping on for most of my writing career is that things need to be more than just the thing they are. Primarily because more people like me are living with limited space. A nightlight should have a USB charging port, a fashionable watch should also monitor your health, a desk should make you exercise (a bit,) and charge your phone, a power bank should be a flashlight as well, if something takes a power outlet and needs next to no power it should have a pass through outlet, etc.

Remember when these were separate items before the modern smartphone evolved? Camcorder, flashlight, calculator, radio, GPS, leveler, scanner, compass, clock, gaming device, etc… you get it…

Tactical pen just looking at you

I was contacted about this tactical pen. It’s not my normal coverage area, but carrying a keychain that doubles as a skull cracker and two knives devoted to looking scary and handling Amazon packages and rogue screws, this seemed like an interesting addition to my arsenal. Owning a couple of window breaker/seatbelt cutters that I’ve trained my kids on, seemed it might be nice to have one that I carry on a regular basis.

I mean, I’m all for preparation and all but I don’t carry a seatbelt cutter on my motorcycle and I’ve run across two accidents where I might have had to break out a window this year on scooters alone.

Tactical pen disassembled

Anyway, I don’t suspect I will be using this tactical pen for self defense, but I have been using it as a pen and the glass breaker edge has added to my IT array of weapons I carry to take on Amazon boxes and wrapping.

I noticed that you can take the pen out as well and you now have access a tube that has a screw on lid. While probably not by design, my guess is that would be a decent hiding spot for… hrmm, drugs is all I can think of. Very small amounts of drugs.

Tactical pen disassembled

In use you can easily break a car window (intended use,) stab someone (intended use,) stab yourself (bonus.) You can split logs with it as a chisel, although you’ll need a hammer.

I’m not going to describe all the “what if” protection possibilities this has. That’s your own use case, and having a weapon without knowing how to use it is quite often worse than not having a weapon. I’m a large man who wears Trogdor and funny cat t-shirts. People generally think I might kill them. I don’t carry anything for protection or the illusion thereof except my keychain skull knocker, which doubles as how I retrieve my keys and as a fairly dangerous fidget toy.

Tactical pen open as a pen

The only thing I will mention is if you plan to carry this in a shirt pocket, experiment with bending forward slowly to make sure you don’t stab yourself. This has a pointy end, pointy enough to break through safety glass, not generally pointy enough to accidentally draw blood, but you can poke yourself with it. Ask my belly how I know.

The inventor of this claims to have gone into court with this. I can tell you having been to court and council chambers a few times in the past five years after forgetting to abandon all things I carry for my daily Amazon battles, this would not pass basic entry inspection in Nashville. Your town may vary.

Is it worth it? That’s your use case decision. I like it, I would purchase one at a lower price than these are currently offered at. I would not purchase at this price, but that is because I’m a cheapskate.

I probably wouldn’t market this as tactical, but as multipurpose. But then again a multipurpose pen that you can drive over, stab people with, escape duct tape with, break windows, and sign your autograph, probably that’s more tactical-oriented. I believe it is aptly named.

You can find these at the manufacturer’s website. Currently priced between $30 and $35 depending on how many you get.

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Jason Hanson's tactical pen
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This spy pen includes a glass breaker, and a pen. It doubles as a stabbing weapon. It can probably be used for more things (small amount of storage,) but these are the intended

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 35

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  • Can be used as a defensive weapon
  • Pen tube can be replaced when empty
  • Break out of or into a car with the window smasher


  • Only a couple of use cases for the device
  • Priced higher than I'd like

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