Washing machines are easier than I expected

So we’ll start off that it took me more time attempting to hire someone to charge me insane markup rates and failing to than it did to order the correct part and fix it myself. We’ll also add to that last article I wrote about the washing machine that figured out what the hell is wrong with the medicine they put me on and we’re heading to good now.

TL;DR – minor technology related accomplishment makes me feel like I can take on The Cloud

I really hesitate to step out of my lane, and washing machine repair is out of my lane. Or at least I thought it was. One of the things about being a landlord and an IT tech is that you learn to get this repaired right now, or you’re going to be dealing with damage. With my washing machine, two kids, and a backlog of laundry… well, let’s just leave it at roughly a week of laundry took from 2pm to 3am to get done.

Other than the youtube tutorials I saw being on slightly newer models and having to figure out why I had two pumps and every video showed one, it should have been a twenty minute operation with two screwdrivers and locking pliers.

Really advise learning how these things work on the inside. It’s been one of those mysterious boxes that live in my house for the past 17 years and unlike newer tech it’s serviceable in a dank basement.

Yeah, you’re laughing at me I’m sure. This was my one little achievement over the past couple of days and quite empowering. So much of technology is now locked away somewhere on the cloud or in account updates that you have no control over. Feels really good to have a grasp on tech outside of my lane.

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