Been a bit under the weather

In case you’re wondering why things have been slow around here, I managed to come down with something that started around March 6th, presented like Covid, downed me for several days where I would start feeling better and then just sleep a day, and eventually wrecked me.

Tested negative for Covid twice, not flu, not strep. At least part of it was transmissible or the fam had extremely mild colds at the same general time. For me I ended up with every muscle in pain, slept 5 full 20+ hour days, joints swelled, and my right kneecap decided during this to become hellish. I can straighten my right leg maybe 4 times no issues, 5th it’s like I’m being stabbed. I get up like an octogenarian at the moment because I’m terrified of the stabbing pain.

Managed to lose 16.5 pounds during all of this without trying. I’ve been chugging protein drinks to get the required calories to keep me moving as there’s zero apatite. Or was, yesterday ate something.

Been to the clinics twice and back and forth with the doc quite a bit… some virus is the suspected cause, and hopefully it will get better is the treatment at this point.

At this point I’m not sure if my muscles are in pain from whatever the virus did still lingering, or if they’re in pain because they haven’t moved much in the past two months. Trying moving them but also had zero energy so there’s that.

Moving a bit, terrified of stairs because my right knee may attack at any point. Really no clue what hit me but it has been one of the more serious rando illnesses I’ve ever had with me contemplating whether I was going to have to move my bedroom downstairs because I was too weak (and that knee) to do stairs.

Sis posited a theory that a blood pressure medication I had been on started acidosis in my system before I quit taking it, and the other was a cold. But who knows.

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Paul E King

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