#BlockTheBlue trending on Twitter encourages people to block those with a blue checkmark

#BlockTheBlue is one of the more interesting things to trend on Twitter in a while. A suggestion / campaign to block anyone who’s paying for Twitter from being in your timeline in any capacity whatsoever.

The past few days have seen legacy verified checkmarks disappearing only to reappear on some accounts as Musk claimed to personally pay for them, followed by many re-verified celebs learning they could change their name and then change it back to once again ditch the mark of the beast.

It’s an interesting movement in a continuing train wreck of decisions on Twitter’s part that has seen corporate impersonation that ranged from simply funny to costing shareholders a pretty penny. It’s been such a train wreck that there’s even a feature potentially coming to hide that you’ve got a blue checkmark.

Meanwhile Twitter is treating their main content creators with poop emoji responses, and labeling groups like public radio as state sponsored media.

People wanted the ability to edit a tweet and for hate groups to go somewhere else as they created content on Twitter that Twitter advertised around and monetized the hell out of. What they got was this increasing upending of a platform to put verified organizations and persons shoulder to shoulder with people who think paying $8 a month to get a checkmark to host a paragraph of content and be able to vote in polls on the platform is a good idea.

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