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Yesterday I was playing with thermal cameras… we’re going to circle back around to this in a minute, and there’ll be a review on the P2 Pro sometime next week, but let’s get back to the subject at hand – me…

I got sick on March 4th or 6th, very Covid like symptoms, then again what isn’t a Covid-like symptom these days? Tested negative twice. Multiple clinic visits, whole lotta emails with my doc. The end result is I have barely been able to walk the last two weeks, every muscle in my body felt like it was burned, and I lost 16 pounds without trying (whoo hoo.)

My right leg I’ve been unable to straighten up consistently. Sometimes the kneecap will pop and the pain when there’s any sort of effort on it is excruciating. As such I’ve been using my left leg for most of my mobility, and wore it out in a couple of days. Right leg’s been shot.

Yesterday at about 2:10 into that video I caught the reflection of my legs off a dishwasher. There’s a big black spot on the offending knee. It’s more pronounced in the video.

image 12 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Interestingly the black spot is on the opposite side of where the pain is. I’ve been rubbing the outside of the knee and this was on the inside of the knee.

Posted that image on FB, and within about three minutes had a diagnosis of clogged lymph node. I scoffed at the idea… slightly… and then looked up what that actually would do. Got this back “…a swelling in the popliteal space, the space behind the knee. It causes stiffness and knee pain. The pain caused by the cyst typically worsens if the patient fully flexes or extends the knee, or moves around.”

Huh… so a little more searching ran across this beauty of an article using the camera on the right to monitor lymph nodes on the cheap.

So the takeaway here is rather than me rubbing and pressing where the pain is I moved my attention to where the black spot shows and for the past few hours I’ve had a somewhat better leg. We’ll see.

I just had a go with one of those AI selfie health assessment apps (talk about later as well) so this is at least the second something interesting I’ve found you can do with a camera in a month.

Whether icing and working the area in black as opposed to the area where the pain comes from will work in the long term, dunno…

This was just interesting. I’ll update if this turns out to be a wild lymph chase.

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