You can use ChatGPT to punch up your work

Using ChatGPT to improve writing is like playing with a kitten. Just as playing with a kitten can bring joy into a person’s life, using ChatGPT can bring new life and energy into a piece of writing, and it can also vomit all over your work and shred your curtains and leave your pillow smelling like amonia.

TL;DR – old man plays with AI, while fairly disappointed gets some use.

By analyzing an outline or rough draft of your writing, ChatGPT can suggest ways to add details and provide more information on the topic. ChatGPT’s language processing capabilities can assist writers in generating new ideas and perspectives, making writing more engaging, informative, and relevant. Or turning something into complete word drivel. It does that well as well.

It’s something to keep in mind that while ChatGPT can provide suggestions for expansions in both word count and direction, it’s your job to ensure that the content is not hot trash, and meets your standards because a lot of times, it’s garbage. A complete and utter dumpster fire. Even if the required word count is met, the content can be such dry drivel that you’re forced to rewrite everything because a ten year old could write less stale and flowing content. Honestly it’s sometimes a good tool to force you into thinking about the choices you’ve made in life that got you to the point of feeling superior to an AI.

Using AI to punch up your work
The Guinea Pig powered ChatGPT AI punching up this text

ChatGPT can sometimes suggest new ideas and approaches on your topic if you can get past a few revisions of wanting to reach through the screen and punch it in the face. If you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas or new perspectives, ChatGPT can help generate new concepts to add depth and variety to the writing. You’ll usually discard the new concepts and wonder where in the world it got them from, but sometimes it’s interesting.

But it’s important to remember that ChatGPT’s suggestions are not infallible. Not remotely. You should always fact-check and verify any information included in AI assisted writing writing, and ensure that the content is accurate and relevant.

Anyway, it’s fun to play with while you await the rise of our AI overlords and your subsequent re-assignment to the processing facilities.

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