I used ChatGPT in a way that … useful to some

Yesterday the family was out airing out the children and trying to take me for the world’s weakest walking (still recovering – blah) and we were near a mall and taking the kids out to eat.

Kim has a series on Instagram where she takes our 7 & 10 year old to 1980’s chain restaurants and they review them, this was something to do… but we didn’t remember more than two sit down restaurants in the mall and so I decided to ask ChatGPT what restaurants were in Opry Mills Mall.

Bam, 27 or so showed up. Lot of food court and stands so I asked it which of those were sit-down restaurants and got a list of just the sit down ones… oooh… then I asked it to sort those in the order of their establishment date as I wanted to hit the oldest on the list first and… it balked. I forget what the reason was but it did spit out the dates each was founded but didn’t sort them in order. Eh, no biggie.

We’ve got a couple of temporary dietary restrictions (long story searching for a food allergy in one of the fam,) and we’re onto gluten now to see if someone has some tolerance issues. We had chosen the restaurant we were going to and I asked it for a list of all gluten free options and bam. I asked it also for all vegetarian options and it did pretty good on that as well.

It got a couple of things wrong, and the menu it was working from I believe was a bit out of date, but it became a wildly useful search engine and I think I see what Bing is really going for.

ChatGPT isn’t replacing your friend who googles information for you, but it’s giving them a break and asking them to step up their game.

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