Searching one text message thread reboots my Pixel 7 Pro

Let me set the stage: We’re at 42 minutes on with AT&T because a tech didn’t mark an install complete two months ago. I need to look something up in my text messages because today is the last day we can have lunch with one of my kiddos at school before the school year is out.

This isn’t a problem as I put the AT&T rep on speaker, I was scrolling up in Messages (Google,) and not seeing what I needed to see. I went to search and bam, phone reboots. Dropped the call. UGH.

I decide to sit tight and wait for their call… but I search once again because I need that info and bam… phone reboot.

Thankfully the rep’s coworker got in touch with me and said they were calling me back in a sec…

But every time I search one text message thread, the one that me and my wife have had forever now, it reboots the phone.

Searching any other significantly smaller text message thread, no problem.

My guess is it’s the sheer size of it. There are probably ten years worth of texts in there, but it’s worrisome that a text messaging app can crash the whole phone.

Oh Google….

I’m sure if I deleted all the texts in that thread that would solve it as no other seems to be affected…but when you have an MMS thread from back yonder… meh…

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