You can create and play your own text adventure games with ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT “can you play a text based game with me in the style of Zork, but starting working in an office… with the humor of Douglas Adams” and have been diving down a hole for the past hour of exploring an abandoned office, reading email chains regarding doughnuts, and a hunt for a missing office mascot.

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I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of eating coworker’s lunch out of the fridge, apocalyptic office party notifications, and a notice that the cake being served for the birthday party today is not a lie.

During this time ChatGPT has managed to create fake email threads, respond as a computer reading emails, describe various rooms and keep them straight, go down a rabbit hole of strange co-worker comments and possessions, and finally the discovery of office mascot Sir Quacks-a-lot in a pond nearby.

I asked Bard to do the same and it gave me a one page script that involved someone becoming stuck in a job that sounded terrible and misquoting Douglas Adams horribly… it was pretty depressing.

ChatGPT didn’t get it perfect, but dang… it was better than Bedlam on the CoCo 2 that’s for sure…

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